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Dear Eastside Staff, Thank you so very much for the wonderful care you gave my mother (Harriet Noddin) over the years. Your loving attention gave comfort to her and our family during this difficult time in mom’s life. Blessings to you all!

— Virginia (Noddin) Knowles

This letter is to address my stay at Eastside Center for Health & Rehabilitation. I had a very infected left foot. I was to Eastern Maine Medical Center on or about October 10, 2014 and had emergency surgery. After surgery I was told there was a good chance that I would lose my left foot up to my calf. That night I prayed that I would be placed in a facility that would take good care of me. They transferred me to Eastside Center for Health & Rehabilitation in Bangor on or about October 22, 2014. I stayed there until November 26, 2014. I couldn’t have received better care and I thank all of the staff for taking great care of me. I feel that had I been taken to another facility, I wouldn’t have received any better care. I have made sure that I thanked each and every one of them for the care they took.

— William Whibey

My comments about my stay here at Eastside Center for Health & Rehabilitation for therapy are that the staff has been very helpful and thorough. I found the earlier falls and problems I’ve had have been corrected a great deal. Because of my age, whatever happens from now on, I realize I have to work at it on my own. Everyone here has been very cordial and concerned with my general health as well.

— Edith B. Franklin

I feel that the rehabilitation staff here at Eastside Center is professional, caring, know their patients’ needs and work together as a group well. My husband had open heart surgery in February 2014. He was in another facility for 2 weeks. I feel that the rehabilitation staff here would have been 100% better for him. I feel he would have continued his rehabilitation at home if he had the encouragement that I have received here. The rehabilitation staff here love their job!

— Delores A. Acheman

Eastside Center therapy is the best all around! They are the most proficient, professional, and quickest to get you on your feet again. I was able to get “back in shape” within just three weeks from coming here. Thanks much!

— Angela M. Jones

I came to Eastside very weak. I could not stand, or get out of bed by myself. Everyone has been very easy and pleasant to work with. They were very patient with me and I tried to follow their procedures to regain my strength so that I could go home. Through my daily exercise with Emily and Amanda who worked with me, I am now able to walk a considerable distance. Sometimes they helped me get dressed for my daily schedule. Now thanks to them and everyone here I am now able to go home. Thank you all!

— George W. Sawtelle

Eastside Center for Health & Rehabilitation has provided my father with the utmost care. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. When the staff has been asked questions, are always upfront and straight forward with their answers and are very knowledgeable when answering. The Administrator of the Bangor facility cares about each patient individually as does the Director of Nursing and they both strive for quality care of each patient. I would recommend anyone that is in need of nursing home care to place their loved one at Eastside Center for Health & Rehabilitation.

— Roxane Gagnon, daughter of current resident

We are so please Daph was at your center. She couldn’t have been in a better place with a more caring staff. Thank you all!

— Pat (sister) & Joe

Such a freedom from illness and worry when I found myself being offered a bed to find sanctuary in here at Eastside Center for Health & rehabilitation. Eastside’s community of caring and healing – having nothing and yet everything to lose, I martyred myself and accepted the offer to join the Eastside community, not wanting to be a burden to my family. I began to realize soon that this place offered a different sense of genuine caring ways. I was able and grateful to hand myself over to just let go. My joy today is to have had my trust restored – it was all I needed to walk out these doors with the promise of a second chance. I look at the road ahead with optimism, not dread.

— Jackie Hynds

I came to Eastside Center at the end of May 2014. I was very weak and unable to maintain balance (from a high fall). With help from OT/PT, I regained much of my strength and balance. I was helped by practice of “self” tasks. I feel good again and have made a 180 degree change for the better. I can do it, you can do it, all of the staff was excellent!

— William (Bill) Thistle

This is actually a great big THANK YOU!!!…to Jackie and the entire staff at Eastside!. My friend Angela is a new long term care resident there and she was having a very difficult time adjusting. I was there a good part of this weekend and everyone was so good about answering my questions and helping Angela get adjusted as well as possible! She is like a sister to me and it took a lot of work to get her into a safe environment where she can receive the care she needs! I am so thankful that everyone is doing their best to make her feel at home!!! They were very open to my requests/suggestions and just a few changes have made a big difference for Angela! I can thank them all enough!!!

— Deb Rodgerson

The therapy sessions I received at Eastside Center were excellent. The staff is so knowledgeable, kind and caring. I would recommend you to anyone!

— Cynthia

To All the People and Therapy Staff and all the Nursing Staff: You all have been here for me and I can ask for help anytime and you have all come through for me for whatever I wanted. This is why you are all so special to me. When I went to Therapy, they all said to me “Linda, you can do this.” That to me was special. Eastside Center for Health and Rehabilitation is the only place I would come back to because they give the best care and you can’t find any better place for treatment. No one can take their place, they are one in a million! I love them all so much!

— Linda Davis

PT and OT have been very positive for me. I have taken away a lot of good exercises to keep aiding me in the future. All the personnel at Eastside have been wonderful people to work with.

— Janice Robinson

Thanks Eastside Center! Rick, Brenda, Brittany, Dianna, Norma, Candice, Marjorie, Vicky, Muriel, Sarah, Stephanie, Nancy, Mike, Jessica, Randy all gave me 5-star Customer Service! Although all the staff I have encountered have been kind, very courteous, helpful and very professional, the above mentioned persons have excelled in their profession. They and many others are a fine compliment and major asset to the Eastside Center for Rehab. Many times they, as well as many of the staff have exceeded the general duties required. The doctor who did my surgery notes the excellent care my wound has received by the facility. Rick and Brenda have tended my wound on a regular basis and done extremely well and I sincerely feel that I couldn’t have been in better care than I’ve been in this facility! I highly recommend the Eastside Center for Health and Rehab to any patients whose fortunate enough to come here. I wish to offer my sincere gratitude and a heartfelt thank you to Tammy and all of her staff for the fine care you’ve all given me. Thank you!!

— Randy Reese Sabine